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Fashion Française - Brittany, France

While in France, it is essential to dress fabulously comme les Français! Because most of my time in France was enjoyed in Brittany, I needed to pack for the dramatically varying weather along the English Channel. A cycle of light gray cloud cover, baby blue skies, marshmallow clouds, misty rain, and striking, evening sunlight seems to occur almost every summer day in Brittany. This indecisive weather makes it rather difficult to be decisive when assembling an outfit in the morning. Wearing and carrying layers is vital below these temperamental skies to avoid an onslaught of shivers or a wave of heat in a warm pullover.

A striped, "Breton" shirt is always necessary when visiting Brittany, France. The naval sailor's uniform originating in Brittany spread across the country on the shoulders of Coco Chanel and other fashionable women, quickly becoming an icon. This turtleneck is not completely identical to the original sailor style, but the extra fabric shielded me from the occasional, brisk gusts of wind along the Brittany coast.

When the layers of grey, wispy clouds began to gather, I added a comfy sweatshirt to my outfit on a non-swimming beach day.

I adored wearing this versatile shirt tucked in to a pair of high waisted jeans to visit quaint towns and left down casually on wonderful, warm days at the beach. This top imposed itself into many of my summer outfits with its dotted hearts, shiny finish, and unique collar.

I loved wearing this deep green turtleneck from Topshop on chilly, sun spotted days. The adorable buttons lined down the cuff of its sleeves and frilled neckline give this top a hint of charm. I often toted around my bright, bubbly Vera Bradley shoulder bag or baby pink sweater from Lazy Oaf to add a touch of color to this outfit.

July/August 2016

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