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Skirts Before Spring - February Fashion

Sweater - Anne Taylor Skirt - BCBGeneration Shoes - Zara Bracelet - Kate Spade

The end of February was dotted with comfortably warm days, providing a welcomed repose amidst frigid weeks unsuitable for skirts. After months of wearing pants or leggings, I finally had the opportunity to show my legs to the sun. Between puffs of clouds emerged inviting spots of sun and a warm breeze finally appeared. Despite this newfound warmth, the cool colors of my clothes suited the overall overcast day. This outfit can also be worn with leggings when the coldness inevitable returns. I love the versatility of this look, as it can remain a bit formal with these Zara heels or become more casual when worn with ballet flats or converse. These clothes are also very comfortable, and I love feeling fashionable without the pain that can sometimes follow.

The transition from winter to spring is so bumpy and inconsistent that I would definitely need to wear leggings with this now in March. Otherwise I would be shivering endlessly . . . I can not wait for warmth to return!


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