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Shades of Blue - Port Manech and Concarneau

Our excursions to Port Manech and Concarneau were saturated with shades of blue, from soft, light skies to the dazzling, vibrant water of the Aven River.

Port Manech is a small seaside resort sprawled before the Aven where the river pours into the Atlantic Ocean. This is a picturesque place of beautiful, clear waters, bobbing boats, and so much to do! Visitors can sail, kayak, jump into pedal boats, and much more.

With its stunning views and proximity to Pont-Aven, Port Manech unsurprisingly became a fashionable location for artists in the 1900s. Henri Delavallée, Adolphe Gumery, and many others painted the beautiful landscapes of Port Manech. The path above was also named after André Jolly, a renowned painter who chose to live and paint in this unparalleled location.

Port Manech was a sardine port in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It is now a small harbor for docking several boats, including a few charming little row boats.

The Port Manech Beach is lined with adorable beach huts and cluttered with sailboats. Although it was a bit of a chilly experience, I loved swimming here in the Aven River. A sandy path from this beach leads to La Châtaigneraie. This restaurant serves delicious food and, overlooking the beach from upon a small hill, induces a peaceful, blissful ambiance. Their desserts are also ridiculously incredible!

Down this road to the right, there were sometimes ice cream stands open to help refresh everyone in the sweltering summer heat. However, the evenings introduced cool breezes and sunset spectacles.


Encircled by water and a powder blue sky stands the impressive medieval Ville Close, a walled village in the large fishing port and touristic town of Concarneau. Walking under the grand aging arch of the Ville Close creates the illusion of stepping through a portal to the past. This walled town resides in the harbor of Concarneau and once was a center for shipbuilding. It now captivates tourists as they are greeted by old stone, music, and history.

Within the walled town is a museum and a multitude of shops and restaurants. I was especially drawn to a magnificent store selling glass blown jewelry and decorations. The aroma of sugary ice cream wafting from an ice cream shop was also tempting. However, tucked away from these streets invaded by tourists and stores are little, quiet roads lined with quaint, unique buildings. There is also a raised walkway within the Ville Close that leads to beautiful views of Concarneau's harbor and modern town.

Port Manech and Concarneau embrace history and charm. They are stunning, interesting, and unforgettable once visited. I would love to go back!

August 2016


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