A Charming French Island - Ile de Bréhat

Our daylong adventure began as we strolled along these breathtaking beaches to the ferry that would take us to l'Ile de Bréhat, a charming little island in Brittany, France.

This island is gorgeous and ready to be explored. In every corner hides magnificent beauty and the perfect opportunity for an amazing photograph.

Adorable, small homes with colorful shutters cushioned by stunning flowers cover the island. Walking past them in such an idyllic setting, I was tempted to imagine myself living in one of these houses. I envisioned being surrounded daily by such beauty and simplicity, living contentedly with the ocean, seagulls, and multitude of vibrant flowers.

The town center was suffused with delicious, incredible aromas from restaurants serving delectable lunches. One of these restaurants serves among the most amazing, if not the best, baguette sandwiches I have ever eaten. The baguette is crispy, flaky, and light, the ham and cheese are wonderful, and the butter is smooth and seemed to melt in my mouth. Who knew such a simple sandwich coupled with crisp, greasy fries could evolve into such an unforgettable meal!

After savoring that amazing lunch, we continued visiting Bréhat. The island is dotted with lovely boats and pink granite rocks. Its Mediterranean vegetation of exotic trees and vivacious flowers grows abundantly among its surface.

Along with such stunning nature, there are also lighthouses to see, little shops to visit, and adorable chapels to explore. Glassmakers can also be observed by visitors as they carefully craft their beautiful, delicate creations.

As our ferry floated slowly away from Bréhat, we watched the rocky island surrounded by bright, blue water pass us by. It was quite the amazing adventure!

After leaving Bréhat and reaching the main land after a swift ferry ride, we drove up a bit to visit this beautiful little church. I adored its light blue doors, surrounding landscape of colorful hydrangeas (my favorite flower!), and breathtaking views overlooking the ocean and l'Ile de Bréhat.

I can not wait to go back soon . . . and eat that amazing baguette sandwich!

July 2016

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