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Delicious Dining in Rennes, France

While in Rennes, France I basked in a delicious dining experience at Le Carré. Every plate was delicious, from the surprise amuse-bouche to each delicate cube of fruit in my dessert. The entire meal was absolutely delicious and most likely one of my favorites despite the intense, uncharacteristically hot summer evening. The restaurant's beautiful interior and exterior also provided the meal with a spectacular ambiance.

My experience began with an unexpected plate of smoked salmon placed beneath a macaroon topped with a swirl of whipped goat cheese. The foods in this unconventional mixture blended together seamlessly. The fresh salmon was delicious and tasted amazing combined with the sweet flavor of the macaroon and the light texture of the cheese. I then ordered the filet de boeuf, or filet mignon, with truffle sauce. The meat was incredibly tender and flavorful and was wonderfully accented by the sauce. Surrounding the filet was an assortment of scrumptious accompaniments. Even though I am not the biggest vegetable lover, the adorable mound of vegetables, multiple purées, fried potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms were all incredible!

I ended my meal on an incredibly high note with a tartar of fresh fruit and calamansi sorbet placed above a slice of apricot. The dessert was light and refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness. The fruit and ice cream were also decorated with impressive, hand-crafted sugar creations.

I can not wait to eat here again!

August 2016


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